“. . . messy, sticky, and wickedly fun . . .” -Rebecca Gransden, author of anemogram.

“. . . fantastically dark, twisted and experimental.” -Rupert Dreyfus, author of The Rebel’s Sketchbook.

Somewhere out there is a line in the sand between sanity and insanity. JANE searches that line out, toys with it, revels in it, and then takes a running leap right over it.

Salem Oregon sets the stage for Crazy Town, where the mental hospital sits smack dab in the middle of the city― halfway down Center Street. It is an apt placement when you consider the character of the city and yet it begs the age old question; was it the chicken or the egg?

Whether it is mere irony, or a grave miscalculation in Feng Shui, the center―the very core of this place―is the Oregon State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. So when twenty-five year old Jane moves back to care for her schizophrenic aunt, miscarriage and an unfaithful fiancé fresh in her mind, the seeds are ripe for her mother’s cruel words to come true:

“You’re going to end up just like your aunt. You’re going to end up in a mental hospital someday.”

Caught between the secrets lurking below the surface of such childhood traumas and Aunt Rose’s demons― soon Jane is in desperate need of an escape. She find it in The Circle, a mismatched group of twenty-somethings who wave their amateur psychiatric diagnoses like badges of honor and party until the sun comes up.

They coddle her mood swings and egg each other on as they test their respective limits of sanity. And even though Jane knows the point of no return is out there somewhere, she pushes on. For months she toes the line between exacerbated caretaker and the freedom she finds in casual sex and a cocktail of weed, alcohol and cocaine.

Then, when it all finally starts to catch up with her, the ride gets wilder than she ever imagined.

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