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Readers have called R. Anne Polcastro’s Left Behind Trilogy “engrossing, and brilliantly complex”, “an exciting and visually detailed adventure”, which some think “should be required reading in schools.”


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” . . . never-ending suspense and action.” Casey Dorman, editor Lost Coast Review


What would you do if everything you were taught about your home planet was a lie? What would you do if you were Left Behind?


ENDIRION is a thirteen year old boy like any other. Except his skin is green and it glows. And he doesn’t have any hair on his head or anywhere else on his body. Oh and he lives in a cave underground. But so does everyone on the poisoned Mother Planet. There is little to eat and what they do have is as mutated as the people themselves. Fuel is scarce and technology exists only in history books. Or so they are told. When Endirion and his classmate Harlo are sentenced to hard labor at the Dump they see things that go against everything they have ever known about their planet. Determined to find out the truth the boys set off on a dangerous journey that pits them against angry marshals, mysterious animals, mutant humanoids, and lands them in the belly of a Monstruwhale. It is a harrowing quest that takes them down remote tunnels, across the Lake of Fire, into the Madlands and a whole new world.

Left Behind Book One: The Forbidden Voyage is available at most major online retailers, including but not limited to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.


“ . . .an exciting read, which carries the Left Behind tale forward at the same breakneck speed as Book One and whet’s the reader’s appetite for the final book in the trilogy.” – Casey Dorman, editor of the Lost Coast Review.


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After learning the truth about their home planet in The Forbidden Voyage, thirteen year old Endirion and Harlo find themselves on the run and blasting through space in a stolen ship. They’ve escaped the marshals who were close on their tail only to find themselves hurtling toward a whole new world, a Brave New Planet! and a brand new adventure complete with new friends, disguises, a high speed chase, a heroic pitbull named Daisy, and much, much more.

Left Behind Book Two: Brave New Planet is available at most major online retailers, including but not limited to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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Please consider asking your local library to stock the Left Behind Trilogy. And while these novels are not on shelves in brick and mortar stores just yet, many local bookstores are able to order them on request.


 ” . . . like reading a super dark fairy tale as imagined by the Brothers Quay.” Rupert Dreyfus, author of Spark.

“Incredibly gripping and immersive.” Rebecca Gransden, author of anemogram.



Set in a dystopian future so obsessed with physical beauty that girls and women are kidnapped and dismembered for their perfect body parts, The Last Magdalene is a fast paced novella that is sure to give even the most jaded reader goose bumps. Join Rosario for a heart pounding adventure as she escapes the brutal city with its harvest dens and factories, only to find herself in the middle of a prophesy, poised to lead a rebellion against the mafia and their jigsaw girls.

The Last Magdalene is available at most major online retailers, including but not limited to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.