Armed with a useless liberal arts degree, Riya Anne Polcastro is a student of human behavior and a conduit for raw words. Maybe it is because she learned to read and write in her second language before she learned to do the same in her first. Maybe it is because she was raised a missionary’s daughter at the same time that she was taught to question everything. Maybe there are a whole lot of reasons. Either way, her fascination with mental illness and human interaction is weaved into fiction with a language that is at times caressed and loved, at others beaten into submission.
It is out of these conflicts that the two sides of Storyteller Girrrl are born: R. and Riya. R. is the family friendly side whereas Riya and her stories are not for the faint of heart (or the underage). Author of Jane. and Suicide in Tiny Increments, she escorts her readers through dark and disturbing tales, satire sprinkled in like the perfect amount of seasoning. Inspired by that perfectly healthy fascination with mental illness, her stories feature a no holds barred approach to the grittier parts of life.
Regardless of which Polcastro you read, you are guaranteed an authentic tale. One other thing is for sure, no matter how much she thinks or plans or demands, her characters run the show. They speak for themselves and do what they want to do. She is no more than a conduit for the story they wish to tell. As a long time resident of the Pacific Northwest, Polcastro aims to join the ranks of great Oregon writers under whose influence she developed her knack for dark literary tales guaranteed to burrow under your skin, into your brain, down to your very bones.